About Us

Supply and demand

“Demand for our strawberries is soaring. Our year on year sales are doubling at peak weeks in the Summer. The demand was helped by tweaking different aspects on the farm. The strawberries being picked at 6am this morning are on the shop shelf at 10am the same morning. You just can’t get that kind of freshness with imports. People want to buy local and working with Foxberry Fruit Farm helps get strawberries into the local stores.”

Philip Fox – Director

Our Company

Foxberry Fruit Farm leads the way in the Northern Irish strawberry sector. For eighty years across three generations the Fox family have been growing scrumptious strawberries at the farm nestled in the heart of the picturesque village of Derrytrasna. Foxberry Fruit Farm produces bountiful crop of Malling Centenary strawberries from June to September and Philip Fox says having Malling Centenary is a fantastic way to maximise the crop.

Check out this aerial view video of our farm